My work and/or opinions have been featured many times in leading industry publications, both online and printed.
The following is only a small sample of the mentions I managed to collect, very infrequently updated:

  • exelente….!!!

  • Hi! I tried to ask this on twitter too but my tweet probably got lost in the thousands that you get.  How did you get involved in web development? It would be great if you could share your experiences, tips etc. people who are aspiring web developers/designers and look up to you. 

    • Hi Sahil,
      I get asked this a lot, so I might do a blog post when I get some time. Stay tuned 🙂

      • Awesome, Thanks! I will wait for it.

        • You probably already saw it, but I did keep my promise and wrote it:

  • A nice collation of your posts, I some how managed to find them from your post on WebMonkey regarding creating effective colour contrast ratio’s.

  • Nadim

    Got here when I opened a past copy of .net Magazine in .net/Feed section (March 2012 issue). I’m a front-end and back-end developer but still feel I need to learn from you. I’m looking forward to it through this website …

  • Barun Bhaumik

    your new ideas make you great one day! Can you share with us(all wed developers) that what is your inspiration about doing this new ideas.

  • Barun Bhaumik

    Do you increase your project? as I looks for more in your site.

  • Piratehouse
  • Piratehouse
  • Piratehouse
  • Lizzy Kane

    Hi! My name is Lizzy I’m a web design student in my second year and it would really mean a lot to me if you could answer my survey linked here: it’s for a paper I’m writing thanks!


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  • James Harry

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