Introducing Prism: An awesome new syntax highlighter

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For the past three weeks, on and off, I’ve been working on releasing Dabblet’s syntax highlighter as standalone, since many people had requested it. Zachary Forrest  suggested the name “Prism” and I liked it so much I decided to go with it, even though there is an abandoned Mozilla project with the same name. I ended up refactoring and extending it so much that I will need to backport it to Dabblet one of these days! This doesn’t mean I bloated it, the core is still a tiny 1.5KB minified & gzipped. It just means it’s more awesome. :)

Seriously? The world needs another syntax highlighter?

In certain ways, Prism is better than any other syntax highlighter I’ve seen:

However, there are some limitations too:


If you like this project, don’t forget to follow @prismjs on Twitter!

I’ll soon update this blog to use Prism in the code examples as well.