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My experience from Frontendconf Zurich

I’m writing this blog post while eating some of the amazing Lindt chocolates I got for free 10 days ago at Frontend conference in Zurich. But it wasn’t a good experience only because of them!

First of all, it gave me the opportunity to visit Zurich for free, and meet an old friend for the first time. A girl we used to be penpals with at primary school & junior high when she was still living in Athens and I in Lesvos. She is now living in Zurich and doing her PhD in ETH. I arrived in Zurich a day earlier and stayed in her place that first night. We caught up and I had a great time.

Secondly, the rest of the speakers are great people and fun too, it was a pleasure to meet them. Especially Smashing Magazine‘s Vitaly Friedman. He’s a very kind guy, nothing like what you’d expect from somebody so successful. I also got the chance to meet Robert again, who was lots of fun as always. Those Swedes have a great sense of humor!

The conference itself was very nice, although small (only 200 people). Many inspiring talks, although I couldn’t attend them all because they were split into multiple tracks in one day. I would very much prefer it if it had 1 track and was 2 days. The 2nd day was an unconference, where attendees could speak, about whatever they wanted. I decided to get some sleep the second day, so I arrived a bit later, and didn’t attend many talks. It was kinda sad that it finished so early, around 4pm almost everyone was gone and most speakers were flying back the same day.

My talk went great, although I had the most technical glitches I’ve ever faced in a talk. That was my fault, not the conference’s. I guess I should learn to stop tweaking my slides at the last moment, cause things might break (and this time they did). Despite those glitches however, the audience loved it. Here’s a small sample of the twitter feedback I got:

I really like the slides by @. Please make them available later on, Lea. #FEC11
Fabian Beiner

Outstanding live CSS examples in the slides by @. #fec11
Michal Budzynski

Using multiple outlines with CSS3 box shadows, one of @'s awesome live slides at #fec11:
Ⓙohannes Ⓕahrenkrug

@ has some seriously good CSS3 tricks up her sleeve. #fec11
Kathryn Cornelius

Wicked! Spread-radius for box-shadow could be really useful /cc @
Thomas Jaggi

Multiple box-shadows! Brilliant! Thank you @ #fec11
Peter Willert

I sure hope the slides will be available online, there are some really cool CSS tricks in the talk by @ #fec11 /cc @ @

Learning a lot of CSS3 hacks with @ at #fec11.
Pierre Spring

@ sure knows what she is talking about. #impressing #fec11
Simon Josi ⚡

Thanks @, this was an awesome talk. πŸ™‚
Fabian Beiner

Check out @'s awesome html5 slides framework CSSS at #fec11
Ⓙohannes Ⓕahrenkrug

Thank you for your absolutely awesome talk @!
Ⓙohannes Ⓕahrenkrug

@ great presentation about #css3 secrets. i really need to check #csss now #fec11
Marco Egli

@ Don't be disappointed by "no questions". This just means your talk was so good that there are no open ones. πŸ™‚
Fabian Beiner

great speach by @ she really showed 10 new things bout css3 I didn't know
Marcel Maurice Naef

@ Wonderful presentation Lea! πŸ™‚ Great work! Impressive CSS3 examples you had... Enjoyed it very much! πŸ™‚ εύγε!

@ Nice presentation with some very useful examples!

WEB: CSS3 Secrets: 10 things you might not know about CSS3 from @ at @ Smart girl πŸ˜‰
Andrea Panisson

If you fancy css3, the talk by @ @ is a must watch. #fec11
Simon Josi ⚡

Delightful, eye-opening talks by @ (next gen web games) and @ (CSS3 wizardry) were a great kickstart to #fec11

@ totally rocked at her #CSS3 presentation. The #fec11 fee is now worth every penny.
Thomas Lohbeck

@ - Awesome CSS3 Secrets presentation. Loved your comment "Thats what they deserve for using IE8" =)

Totally blown away by @'s "10 things about CSS3" talk - she channels the pragmatism of @ to a T. #mustsee
Christian Heilmann

OMG @ is such a CSS think-tank superhero! Watch her talk on CSS3 now. And then worship her. I do.
Christian Schaefer

Just listened to @ speaking at @, what a fantastic talk. So would love to hear her speak in person some time.
Susan Robertson

If you read the above carefully, you might have noticed that my talk was recorded, so you can see it too. πŸ™‚ Enjoy!