About me

My name is Lea Verou (Lea being short for Michailia or Μιχαήλια) and I’m a computer scientist / web standards geek / front-end developer / web designer / speaker / author,  originally from Greece. I’m currently a Research Assistant at MIT CSAIL, in David Karger’s Haystack group and an Invited Expert in the W3C CSS Working Group.

In the past, I’ve written a book on advanced CSS for O’Reilly, worked for W3C/MIT, gave over 60 invited talks around the world, released several open source projects, co-founded a Greek startup called Fresset Ltd (which I left in 2011), and many other things. I hold a BSc in Computer Science from Athens University of Economics and Business, in which I have co-organized a 4th year undergrad course about web-development in the past. While my background is technical, I have a strong passion for visual design as well.

Photo of me, taken by Morgan Roderick in 2012You can email me at lea@verou.me (don’t copy/paste it) if you are so inclined, but please bear in mind I’m too busy to accept client work or jobs. I might however accept speaking engagements, under certain conditions or uncommon, super interesting projects. The rule of thumb is that if in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to ask. But please don’t email me about jobs or anything requiring an extensive time commitment, no matter how exciting you think the “opportunity” is.

To find out more about me in a more formal and unavoidably braggy format:
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