Markapp: A list of HTML libraries

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 17.09.24I have often lamented how many JavaScript developers don’t realize that a large percentage of HTML & CSS authors are not comfortable writing JS, and struggle to use their libraries.

To encourage libraries with HTML APIs, i.e. libraries that can be used without writing a line of JS, I made a website to list and promote them: The list is currently quite short, so I’m counting on you to expand it. Seen any libraries with good HTML APIs? Add them!

  • This list could be filled quickly with Web Components, but that’s probably a separate list altogether.

  • Денис Ежков

    Page is broken. Mustache throws error, so nothing is visible on the page

    • Ugh, it was due to the last merged pull request. Fixed now, thanks!

  • Sue

    That’s a great idea to come up with a list Lea. When I work on projects, I like to question whether or not Javascript/JQuery is needed, or whether or not the same effect can be accomplished with CSS. Some things still cannot be done with CSS alone so I do use them. Sometimes I want to challenge myself to not depend on jQuery and just use Javascript so I don’t have to load a library resource if the site is not heavily reliant on that sort of interaction.

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  • do libraries like jQuery and Leaflet count?

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  • Lily Lily

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