Dive deep into CSS3 (and Bolognese!) in Bologna, Italy

I don’t usually like to advertise my talks or workshops through blog posts, and even though I’ve given a lot, I’ve only posted about less a handful. However, this one is special: It might be my last. Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE giving workshops, teaching people new things and seeing them put them in use right away is fantastic. However, I also find them incredibly exhausting. Speaking for an entire day (or sometimes two!) is pretty much the most tiring thing I’ve done. So, given my new job at W3C, I’m not sure if I will do one again. Of course, it goes without saying that I will still do plenty of talks! 🙂

The last workshop on my schedule is in FromTheFront conference in Bologna, Italy on September 20th (in 7 days!). There are still some spots available, so grab yours while you still can! It only costs €329.00. It will be very hands-on, with interactive exercises that help you gain first-hand experience with small but advanced use cases. It will not be your usual CSS3-overview kind of workshop. Instead, we will dive really deep into a handful of CSS3 aspects that I think are most useful for your everyday work.

While you’re at it, I’d also recommend getting a conference ticket as well. The line-up has some excellent speakers and it’s only €110 more, so totally worth it!

Apologies that my last two blog posts were personal, the next one will be more technical: I have a very useful tool in the pipeline that I’m gonna release soon 😉

  • I’ve already bought a ticket for the conference! I’ll see you there…

  • Mickey

    “It only costs €329.00. ”

    Compared to what does it warrant that “only”?

    • Compared to other workshops I’ve done like the one in NDC Oslo, which cost more than double that (although it was 2 days).

      • Mickey

        OK. Advertisers usually use that kind of comparison to force people to believe the price is good when in fact it’s bloated.

        320 Euro is a lot of money in many if not most parts of the world.
        Not saying your workshop doesn’t deserve that, I wouldn’t know.

        • There is no such thing as “a lot of money” without context. For example €320 would be super cheap if we were talking about buying a car. So, I’m not sure what point you are trying to make.

        • Mickey

          But we are not talking about cars here are we? Or objects in general. You can’t really price knowledge.

          And a lot of money is a very clear concept, it just depends who you ask.

        • Nacho Coloma

          Actually, you can price knowledge. That’s how most salaries get assigned. In that context, this workshop is extremely cheap given the instructor.

        • Gian

          I am sure Mickey would not bring this up, if this was a 329euro for a workshop in Norway! 329e are unfortunately a lot of money for lots of Italian people today.

          What if you did the same in Romania were 330euro is a month’s pay? Would you ask from somebody to sacrifice 30 days of work because “hey it’s cheaper than a car”? Regardless of who the instructor is and what this is all about – the context should always be the region’s wages and cost of living, otherwise yes – people will complain that it is expensive, and there is nothing wrong with that.

        • @bd7ad42c6cd2ebaf528161d68d1b2761:disqus If you think the price is not worth it, don’t buy it. It’s that simple, really. When did whining that something was too expensive ever lower its price? Almost never, because there are many factors determining said price and it often can’t be lowered.
          I’m done discussing this.

  • Hello. Its really going to be your last conference? Youre supose To go to fronteers in october. Hope to see you there. Its one big reason for me to go there.

  • Anonymous

    Guys every euro is worth it, there is no one that I know on Earth that as half as good as Lea. I wish I was in italy as well!!!

  • Zoltan Hawryluk

    What!?!? I have never seen you speak and I won’t be able to get away to Italy on time … so disappointed! :-/

    • Heh, chill, I’ll be doing a lot more talks. Just not workshops 🙂

  • OhsoditChris

    Hi Lea. I have used css before but mainly for decoration and not as the main tool for constructing web pages. However, I am seriously getting into it now but find that some of the techniques are very opaque, you use “float:left” in one circumstance and it puts menu elements inline but not in another context and often “center” doesnt do anything. What is more, much of the language is non-intuitive and results are unpredictable. So I need to find a reference text which goes deeper than most manuals and explains what is actually happening with the page elements when you use certain css attributes. Do you know of such a manual (an advanced one).

  • OhsoditChris

    By the way, love the home page

  • OhsoditChris

    My earlier post seems to have disappeared, do you mind if I repeat it

  • OhsoditChris

    Getting serious about css now but find it can be very unpredictable and non-intuitive in terms of the effects it has as in inline menus. Do you know of an advanced reference manual which would explain technically what is happened to the page when using various css attributes?

  • asd

    why u deleted my post?

    • I don’t remember what post you’re referring to, but I generally only delete comments that are either spam or very offensive. If it wasn’t any of the two, it was a mistake and I apologize.

  • Gujaalboy

    Please dont quit! We love you!!

    • Hey, don’t worry, I’m not qutting from anything. Just not doing workshops for the foreseeable future.

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