My experience from Web Directions @media &

Last week, I was in London to give 2 talks. The first one was last Thursday, in one of the conferences I wanted to go ever since I learned my first CSS properties: Web directions @media. The second one was 2 days later in a smaller event called

Web Directions @media

I managed to get my @media talk early on schedule, so I could relax afterwards and enjoy the rest of the conference. Before I saw the feedback on twitter I thought they hated it, since the audience was silent and didn’t laugh at any of my jokes and asked no questions afterwards. However, I was wrong: The tweets about it were enthusiastic! Here’s a small sample:

Next is Lea Verou about CSS3 Gradients. Goodie goodie #wdx
Niels M. Frederiksen

#wdx Lea Verou presentation - nice blend of info and practical sugar
Adrian Makowski

Diagonal stripes with linear gradients = awesomeness #wdx
Niels M. Frederiksen

Enjoying @'s #wdx talk on CSS gradients. The brave soul is live coding. 🙂
Stef. Sullivan Rewis

some quite cool tricks with css3 gradients. Head to #wdx

Like the live demo style for the CSS gradients at #wdx

struggling to keep up with the CSS3 gradient talk. Wow so much information! #wdx
Morena Fiore

#wdx wow @ is even smarter on stage. She knows stuff I reckon browser devs don't about gradients!
John Allsopp

@ @ is hurting my brain here. In a good way
John Allsopp

#wdx never seen anyone so passionate about gradients.

@ was skeptical about the CSS3 gradients talk but it was actually really interesting #wdx #cp
Mat Mannion

CSS3 gradients. You can do lots including bevelled and curved edges #wdx
Farina Broadley

#WDX - Just saw @ give a great presentation on how to Master CSS3 Gradients. Check her out ->
Glenn Cahill

#wdx #design Inspired to do things with css3 gradients after @ talk
NIMR Web Team

@ fabulous talk! I had seen your gallery before and wanted to implement it but couldn't work it out. I definitely can now 🙂 #wdx
Christina Fowler

A big gratefull THANKS to @ , @ @ @ and @. You rocked my world, and changed my perspective #wdx
Niels M. Frederiksen

What I learnt at #wdx - CSS3 Gradients are the new knitting and Google devs have got extraordinary hair, they must cameo in Game of Thrones.

And I should also credit @ whose gradient talk at #wdx inspired some new bells and whistles on - thanks Lea!
James O'Brien

One of the best. #wdx “@: "Mastering CSS gradients" talk slides: Screenshots at and HTML at”
Antti Onttonen

@ Your #wdx presentation was so effective I actually dreamed about CSS3 gradients! 🙂
Benjamin Nunn

You can play with the HTML version of my slides or view them on slideshare:

I really enjoyed some of the other talks in @media, especially:

The morning before my talk, I woke up with a sore throat, a running nose and a blocked ear. I even thought about cancelling my talk, but I’m one of those people that have to be dying to change their schedule. So I went, and I’m glad I did, as I got to attend Peter Gasston‘s incredible talk on CSS3 layout. I really learned so much stuff from that!

As for my talk (“CSS Secrets: 10 things you might not know about CSS3”), it went fine after all. I had some trouble hearing the questions, due to the blocked ear, but nothing too bad. I had trouble with my last demo, as I got confused and used background-origin: padding-box; instead of content-box, but nobody there hated me because of it, like I was afraid would happen if I ever screwed up one of my demos 🙂

That event was much smaller (it took place in a small room in a pub), so the tweets were much fewer, but still very positive:

now the mighty @ telling us some secrets of css #standardsnext
patrick h. lauke

"The bigger it is, the more intense the bounce" - @ at #standardsnext. It's not what you think.
Peter Gasston

The good thing about @ presentations is her live demo integrated in her slides! Go lea! #standardsnext
Morena Fiore

Some superduper css3 tricks being shown by @ #standardsnext
bruce lawson

omg some css things arent supported in webkit? incredulous headshaking by some attendees 😉 #standardsnext
patrick h. lauke

The not-allowed cursor is going to be useful when designers created a not very clear inactive state of an item #standardsnext
Morena Fiore

We could do faux columns with pure gradients! Yeay ! #standardsnext
Morena Fiore

Check out @'s demo of #CSS3 patterns at #standardsnext and her gallery (written in this pic):
Nick Smith

another case of something not supported in webkit...the audience is aghast! #standardsnext
patrick h. lauke

Learned loads of good new CSS tricks from @'s talk. #standardsnext
Peter Gasston

Thanks to @ for a great 10 css tips talk. I want your deck woman! 😀 #standardsnext
Stef. Sullivan Rewis

Learned loads of good new CSS tricks from @'s talk. #standardsnext

@ thank you very much for your two talks over the last three days. Very informative and I loved your real-time demos/slides.
Jack Osborne

I found out afterwards that one particular lady in the audience complained about my pronunciation of the words “fuchsia” and “ems”. That’s what I would’ve said to her if I heard: “Here’s some breaking news to you: Not everyone is a native english speaker. Shocking, isn’t it? I would really be interested to hear your pronunciation if you ever did a presentation in Greek. KKTHXBAI”

Overall, I had a great time in London. I hadn’t been there for more than 10 years, so I had forgotten how beautiful city it is. I loved attending and speaking at both of those events, and I would like to thank Maxine Sherrin and John Allsopp for inviting me to @media and Bruce Lawson for inviting me at

  • Thanks so much I really enjoyed hearing your talk at Standards next. It was enlightening

  • Anonymous

    You’re quite humble, Lea, in case no one’s mentioned. Your talks were interesting and you deserve all the praise and credit you’ve received 🙂 Hope to see you and Divya at Fronteers if I can make it!.

    • Hey Addy! It would be great to see you again there too!

  • Ah… 
    Wish that I had spotted that content-box fix!

    Glad you solved it.

  • martin

    You seemed so disappointed after your spot @media, so it was great to let you know how inspiring your session was especially as I was quite sceptical about the topic initially. Keep up the good work!

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