Yet another redesign

I had grown sick of my previous blog style and its various bugs (since it was put together in just a few hours), so I decided to make a new, more minimalistic one. Best viewed in browsers that support CSS gradients, like Firefox, Safari and Chrome. I also finally got around to making a logo for myself, although I’m not sure I’ll keep it. I also switched to HTML5, using Toolbox as a base.

I want to make a few more changes, but I have to go to sleep sometime :p

I also started using DISQUS for the blog comments. I like it when a blog I read has it (since it offers a few features I find convenient, like comment editing for instance), so I wanted to offer it to my readers too. It’s a shame that in some of their buttons they haven’t added the standard CSS3 border-radius declarations, but only the prefixed proprietary ones, so they’re square in Opera (and probably IE9). I’m fed up with seeing this in websites, TOPSY‘s widget also does it. However, their carelessness will backfire soon, when browsers stop supporting the prefixed versions *evil grin*

  • gabel

    Pretty nice and clean new theme… got only one thing to mention… the top-left shadow in code boxes seems a bit to large – in my op.

    • Lea Verou

      You’re right, I tried to lower the blur radius and I like it more this way, thanks!

  • Brando

    Whatever happened to sites that fit inside 960px? Or at least 978px (which allows for 12 54px columns with 30px margins)? Is that not cool anymore?

    • Lea Verou

      Oops, looks like you’re right, I got a bit carried away with it. Changed the width now, thanks 🙂

  • shpyo

    For me, is much better!

  • Tomasz Kowalczyk

    Quite nice, but I liked much your previous, colorful theme.

  • Ender

    Looks quite nice, but the old one was just awesome. It was something different from all other pages. Well, I just have to get used to new one.

  • Dave DeSandro

    Very nice improvement! Sweet use of Raleway!

    • Lea Verou

      Thanks, that means a lot coming from you! Raleway is awesome, I recently stumbled upon it and I loved it!

  • Rahul Bansal

    This design is a great one, but previous was also equally good.
    Incidentally, both designs tells totally different things about the designer! Hard to imagine that both are coming from same mind…

    • Lea Verou

      It has more to do with the current mood, than with the designer, at least with me. I was in a very different mood when I designed the previous theme.

      • Rahul Bansal

        Agree madam!
        Just a suggestion – Try your fb profile pic as gravatar. It contains pink color, which will go well with current design IMHO. :O

  • Charlie Robbins

    You logo looks like ‘bv’ at first glace, and my eye keeps wanting to see ‘bv’ even though I know it’s ‘lv’. Perhaps try making the tail of your ‘l’ a little smaller so as to leave more room between the v.

    • Lea Verou

      It also reads like h or even w, depends on how you see it. I kinda like that, it’s like those illustrations that depict many different things and change depending on how you see them. :p

  • Basilakis

    Beatifull redesign, once again! Lea, what is the font used for H tags?

  • Mantish

    Very nice, as always. I will check toolbox, seems pretty god for a quick redesign.

  • James Brumond

    I like it! 🙂
    It has a very clean look, and the colors are bright and lively.
    And I love the fonts in the headers and the top nav menu.
    Very nicely done 🙂

  • Klou

    Nice work Lea 🙂

  • canlı maç izle

    yes this seem better and very clear

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