I’m speaking at @media Web Directions ’11!

Just a quick note to let you know I’m speaking at this year’s @media Web Directions conference, which will take place during May 26–27 in London, UK. I’m very excited about this, since I always considered @media one of the top front-end conferences in the industry 🙂

The title and abstract of my talk is as follows:

CSS3 at the Outer Rim

By now most of you know how to use the core CSS3 features in your designs to embed custom fonts and easily create rounded corners, drop shadows, and scalable designs with media queries. But there is still a large area of CSS3 that remains unexplored by most web designers and developers. In this talk Lea will present many CSS3 features that are useful but underrated, as well as uncommon ways of utilising the CSS3 features you already know about, in order to do much more with even fewer images and less code.

Although it’s on the design track, I expect it to appeal to both developers and designers.

You can use the coupon code WDVEROU to take £50 off the current price. 😉

Hope to see you there! 😀

  • http://twitter.com/mrgnrdrck Morgan Roderick

    Great news! Congratulations!

    • http://leaverou.me Lea Verou

      Thank you Morgan! Any chance you’ll be there?

  • http://twitter.com/phoat Phoat

    Congrats Lea! Sounds like it’s gonna be a great experience. I hope you have fun!

  • Ben

    Hi there …. Im currently just starting out in javascript and was wondering if you have any slides or know any good resources to learn javascript from?

    • http://leaverou.me Lea Verou

      What really helped me when I was starting out was PPK’s book “PPK on JavaScript”. It’s quite outdated by now (I read it in 2007), so don’t take everything it says for granted, but it was really great in teaching the basic concepts, which haven’t changed much.

    • Dietz

      “JavaScript: The good parts” by Douglas Crockford is a book I would heartily recommend. It gets into some very important fundamental concepts of JavaScript that other books miss or get plain wrong. You should maybe read it as supplement to Lea’s recommendation as it focuses on the mentioned concepts and does not touch DOM-Scripting or AJAX.

      • http://leaverou.me Lea Verou

        “JavaScript: The good parts” is a good book, but I would be a bit reluctant to recommend it to a beginner. It has scared away from JavaScript a few friends of mine.

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