Yet another email hiding technique?

While exploring browser-supported Unicode characters, I noticed that apart from the usual @ and . (dot), there was another character that resembled an @ sign (0xFF20 or @) and various characters that resembled a period (I think 0x2024 or ․ is closer, but feel free to argue).

I’m wondering, if one could use this as another way of email hiding. It’s almost as easy as the foo [at] bar [dot] com technique, with the advantage of being far less common (I’ve never seen it before, so there’s a high chance that spambot developers haven’t either) and I think that the end result is more easily understood by newbies. To encode this way, we’d use (in an html page):


and the result is: foo@bar․com

I used that technique on the ligatweet page. Of course, if many people start using it, I guess spambot developers will notice, so it won’t be a good idea any more. However, for some reason I don’t think it will ever become that mainstream 😛

By the way, if you’re interested in other ways of email hiding, here’s an extensive article on the subject that I came across after a quick googlesearch (to see if somebody else came up with this first — I didn’t find anything).

  • kl

    very bad. People will copy&paste it and won’t know why it fails to work.

  • Lea Verou

    Fair enough. However, I think it’s quite obvious that it’s not a normal @ symbol, although it resembles one. (Haven’t checked it with no anti-aliasing though). That could be resolved with a comment next to the email, as people frequently do with other email hiding techniques.
    Still, your point is valid, it’s something everyone should consider before using this.

  • Billy F.

    I like Lea’s idea. If I implemented it on any site, I think it would be usefull to make the text act like a image by disabling text selection with CSS.

    Don’t know if this works though

  • Lea Verou

    Good point Billy!

    As long as they don’t use an inline event handler for the event 😉

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