Help me: take the color survey

If you are a creative professional, or just passionate about colors, please take my survey:

It will greatly help me to make a future project of our company more usable (some of its features at least) and it only takes a few minutes (it contains 10-19 questions, depending on your responses).

Any suggestions, corrections, questions etc are of course welcome.

Thanks a lot in advance to everyone that takes the survey! 😀

Of course, when it ends and I find the time to analyze the results, I’ll post them here for anyone interested. (Hint: That means that if you are interested in the results, you can promote the survey yourself as well, since more responses = more accurate results)

  • Dimitris

    Interesting survey Lea, please remind me when you will have your results ready. If you are interested for an online colour naming experiment you can visit my website.

  • Lea Verou

    Hi Dimitris!
    I’ve seen your experiment before and I find it very interesting (If I recall correctly, I had also taken part in it).
    As for my survey, I’ll email you when the results are ready, promise! 😉

  • Kelly

    My first time on this site. Not sure what to expect. Tell me more.

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